get smart. get fast.

As a parent, I trust Christian implicitly with Justin and his well-being during their training time. I see in him that he’s enjoying being more healthy and fit, that he’s improved his athleticism overall, and that he’s more interested in a healthy lifestyle. Keeping Justin focused and attentive can be a difficult task, but Christian is able to keep him engaged and on track through making him part of the process, rather than simply handing out orders.
— Blake Fair - Firefighter, Parent

You Can Improve. We can Teach You How


Sprint academy's Mission:

To equip students through education and athlete specific training. Our focus is teaching athletes the building blocks required for growth and success. 

Topics covered include:

Acceleration Mechanics 

Injury Prevention

Increasing Strength





Personal Responsibility

Maximum Velocity Mechanics

Mental Focus


Rest & Recovery

Christian’s work is highly personalized and detailed. If you have the desire to learn, he will deliver and take you to the next level of whatever it is you are looking for; strength, speed, mindset, fitness, and even nutrition.
— Kianna Woods, Collegiate Sprinter, 100m Hurdles

What do we mean by "get smart, get fast"?

Our goal is to educate those who choose to work with us so thoroughly, that they become assets to their teams and coaches.


Get Smart about...

  • Injury prevention

  • How your body works

  • Sprint mechanics

  • Nutrition for health and performance

  • Sleep for health and performance

  • Time management

  • Training habits

  • Workload management

get fast

When you learn the basics, and work to become proficient in their execution, improving your performance is a happy byproduct of consistently doing the small things correctly.

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