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What Our Athletes are Saying


Kelly Quinlan

(100m/200m Collegiate Sprinter)

Honestly, when I first began Christian’s workouts I did not believe they would affect me the way they did. To clarify this point, I sought-out Christian’s assistance because I wanted to improve my flexibility (especially because of my multiple years of hamstring issues), running form, and general strength (with weights).

What I ended up receiving from Christian’s training was so much more than I could have asked for.

By the end of our summer workouts together, I felt like a completely different athlete. Christian changed everything about me as an athlete. He allowed me to gain a more expansive understanding about how my eating habits directly affect my body. In addition, the one-on-one attention made it easier for Christian to know me as an athlete and allowed me to develop more thoroughly.

Due to this personal attention, I felt that my workouts and diet needs were always attended to, and improved me both athletically and health-wise overall.

As a track athlete for seven years before coming to Christian, his wealth of knowledge, and commitment to my personal improvement, made me perceive the sport I have been doing for many years from a new and improved perspective.

Kianna Woods

(Collegiate Sprinter/100m Hurdles)

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Working with Christian was one of the most challenging and equally rewarding experiences I had the pleasure of having in my athletic career.

For two months I tracked all that I ate, hours of sleep/naps, how I physically felt from 1-10, and trained on a 10 day cycle rather than the typical 5 days you get with your coach. It was more than just working with a coach. I had a professor who gave me the tools I never knew I needed.

He took the time to tailor each day to me and my needs/desires to improve based on my sport, my abilities, and even my way of thinking. Even though I came to Christian injured and mentally beat, he managed to help me improve and heal at the same time, as well as show me that training doesn’t have to be dreadful.

Christian's abilities reach far beyond just people like me. I’ve seen him work with students in high school playing water polo to people older than himself looking to better their physical health.

Christian’s work is highly personalized and detailed, so that if you have the desire to learn, he will deliver and take you to the next level of whatever it is you are looking for, whether it be strength, speed, mindset, fitness, or even nutrition.

In committing to working with Christian, you will not only be committing to him, but he will commit just as much to you. 

Blake Fair

(Firefighter/Motocross National Champion/Avid Skier/Father)

When I started working with Christian, I was frustrated with the level of performance I'd plateaued at in my hobbies of skiing and motocross racing. Being a veteran firefighter, I had some injuries that were limiting factors at the time. 

I've worked with Christian for a couple of years now, and his patience and consistency have helped me achieve higher levels of performance in the sports I enjoy, but beyond that, I've been injury free, stronger, more stable and better able to perform physical tasks associated with my job and my hobbies, and I haven't burnt out. 

Christian's methods have helped me get to the place where exercise and health are part of what I do for myself on a daily bases, versus being something I do sporadically. 

Firefighting is a young-man's job, but working with Christian has definitely helped me in holding my own as a veteran.

As a Parent:

My son, Justin, also works with Christian, and as a parent, I trust Christian implicitly with Justin and his well-being during their training time. I see in him that he's enjoying being more healthy and fit, that he's improved his athleticism overall, and that he's more interested in a healthy lifestyle. Keeping Justin focused and attentive can be a difficult task, but Christian is able to keep him engaged and on track through making him part of the process, rather than simply handing out orders.

Justin Fair

(High School 400m Sprinter/Long Jump)

The thing I've most enjoyed about working with Christian, is learning about my body and not just what we're doing, but why we're doing it and how it works. Other coaches I've had just told me to run, but Christian is teaching me to become a better, more capable athlete overall. I'm learning what it takes to increase my fitness for the long-term, so I can enjoy training and competing far beyond high school.

Bethany Glenwinkel

(Fitness business owner, recreational sport enthusiast) 

As the owner of my own fitness business, it's important for me to be in great shape, but working with Christian has done more than just improve my fitness. 

I've always enjoyed playing sports, participating in recreational leagues for everything from flag-football to golf, but I always just got by. Christian has helped me improve my strength and coordination, agility and speed, and my overall athleticism. I enjoy my hobbies so much more, now that I can compete at a higher level of performance. 

My general self-confidence has improved and even my clients are complimenting me on the changes they've seen. I feel working with Christian has not only changed the way I perform in sport, but has helped me serve my own fitness clients at a higher level.